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Suede Lash Services

Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes are a 1:1 application to your natural lashes to extend your natural look and create the ‘no makeup makeup’ look.

Suitable for all types of lashes Classic Lashes will give you a natural soft look suitable for every day.

Hybrid Lashes

If you’re looking for a little bit more Hybrid Lashes will give you a fluffier fuller look.

Hybrid means 50% Classic Lashes and 50% Volume lashes. We add some Volume fans in to
create texture and a little more fulness.

Light Volume Lashes

With Light Volume Lashes we create 3-5D Russian Volume Fans to give your lashes a wispy textured look.

This will give you a glamorous set but still suable for daytime make up.

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega Volume are our most full and dramatic sets.

Take your lashes to the maximum level with our handmade 10-20D Mega Fans for dramatic full effect lashes.

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About Sarah

Sarah created Suede 7 years ago after previously working as an accountant.

Like with most in their 20’s, Sarah wanted to create an impact by starting her own business.

She made the leap from the financial sector to the business of beauty

Suede has grown from a part-time side business to a thriving city centre Lash Studio.